Content Contribution Network


Our Contribution Network service delivers your content from your location to our Media services infrastructure for processing, storage and distribution.

We can ingest your live and on-demand content in many different ways depending on your location, amount and format of the content.

For live content we provide the following options:

  • RTMP and RTSP stream ingest for the clients in the vicinity of our ingest servers (push and pull)

  • MPEG transport stream over RTP/UDP - over dedicated Tet global network, from local encoder or Cloud Playout

  • SRT (secure reliable transfer) - over the regular internet for supported encoders

  • Zixi transfer - over the regular internet

You can ingest media files:

  • By uploading into our FTP server watchfolder

  • By placing an API call to fetch the content from S3 object storage, HTTP or FTP source

After ingesting your content is accessible via our Video Asset Management system web portal.

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