Tet and FashionTV partnering for co-development

Since 1997, FashionTV has been setting the highest standards for excellence in fashion and lifestyle broadcasting. FashionTV entertains and inspires its audience by providing an insider’s view of the fashion industry in highly desired clip-based content. With over 100 hours of new programming, each month showcasing the latest trends, major fashion shows, designer events and highlights of fashion industry professionals, FTV offers the most comprehensive and fastest review of fashion anywhere.


Fashion TV looked for a technology partner that could meet their expectations for quick and flexible provisioning of the services. Fashion TV’s approach is towards outsourcing of all technologies and using them as much as needed and when needed.


Tet's approach to provide most of the services without commitment on pay-as-you-go basis suits Fashion TV's needs very well. Tet implements new services quickly and does not hesitate to try new technologies.

Fashion TV started to use Tet services in 2015 when first playouts for TV channels were launched on the Tet Cloudy Servers platform. TV channels initially were distributed over satellite or long-distance data transmission links to customers worldwide. In 2016 Fashion TV started to develop its OTT service and used Tet Video Cloud for content management and Tet CDN for global distribution. Now Fashion TV also uses Tet Cloudy Servers for other backend systems and Tet Object Storage for video content.

The Tet Media Services team works closely with FashionTV to get the most value out of FashionTV’s innovative ideas. FashionTV is leading the entertainment video industry by constantly delivering the best content to their viewers in the best possible manner. This may mean, that relying only on proven technologies and a conservative approach is not the most efficient way to innovate in an agile way and at a fast pace. Our design partnership with FashionTV has enabled us to plan, implement, field-test and launch many new features and technologies, sometimes ahead of their time, but most often – right on time for many other customers to benefit from. Such partnership is mutually beneficial, as we can focus our development resources on a very clear target, while FashionTV – benefit from our competence and skills in the most cost-effective way.

Tet Media Services provides FashionTV with Playout (in partnership with Veset) for live channels, Video Cloud for live and on-demand content ingesting, processing and packaging, Tet ObjectStorage for video content storage and Tet CDN for global distribution.


According to Yuri Aleksandrov, FashionTV COO, ‘We have been completely satisfied with Tet performance. Their staff has demonstrated both deep and broad expertise, ranging from tackling very specific challenges to advising on broader best practices on service usability’.

Tet Media Services has become the backbone of the FashionTV global OTT live and VoD service.

We shoot fashion, Tet does the rest.