Video Cloud Migration to Videosher

March 20, 2023

We have some important information to share with our users regarding an upcoming update to our video platform portal. Tet Media Services is planning to fully migrate all existing functionality of the Video Cloud portal to the new Videosher interface in Q2 of 2023. Our goal is to make the Videosher portal the primary web interface for all of our customers to use on our video platform, including live channels, recording scheduler, analytics, and more.

Videosher Content Protection Features

January 20, 2023

Content protection is important for every media asset when some sort of monetization is used. For AVOD scenarios you would like to prevent your viewers to skip watching the ads, for SVOD or TVOD scenarios any unauthorized access will result in revenue loss. Quite often protection requirements are defined by content owners, especially for premium content.

In this article we provide the guidance on the available features for content protection available for our customers.

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