Tet Media Services, a video platform as a service for broadcasters, TV channels and video publishers, announces that it has added Bitmovin Encoding to its Media File Transcoding.

Media File Transcoding is a cloud service providing a fully automated mass-scale transcoding workflow with advanced features suitable for broadcasters, OTT services, and big and small content owners. All functions – ingest scenarios, transcoding settings, and distribution or delivery parameters are configured from the self-service web portal. The service is optimized for mass operations and scalability.

Key features of Bitmovin Video Encoding includes per-title encoding, parallel encoding, and next-generation codecs like VP9 and AV1, which will be added to the Media File Transcoding service. Tet Media Services customers will benefit from:

  • Quicker delivery of transcoded videos into their VOD services.
  • Per-title encoding which will reduce the bitrate and size of the video thus saving on storage and CDN costs.
  • Next-generation codecs, like AV1, that will provide better compression and will allow the broadcasters to be ahead of the competition.


About Tet Video Cloud

Tet Video Cloud is video platform as a service for broadcasters, TV channels and video publishers with integrated event streaming and video hosting functionality for conferences, sports, education, houses of worship and other industries. Developed upon Telia own public cloud and network infrastructure. Platform comprises services like ingest automation, content library and storage, transcoding, media asset management, TV channel playout, live recording, live and media transcoding, just-in-time packaging and origin, content protection, subscriber applications and delivery of your live and on-demand content to your viewers or channel partners over a global CDN or dedicated content delivery tools and services.


About Bitmovin

Bitmovin is a leading provider of video infrastructure for digital media companies around the world. The company has been at the forefront of all major developments in digital video - from building the world’s first commercial adaptive streaming player to deploying first software-defined encoding service that runs on any cloud provider or in a data center. Bitmovin works with media companies across the globe to build innovative video products. To find out more, please visit

Bitmovin has been a first mover in almost every significant development in digital video, including building and deploying the world’s first commercial adaptive streaming (MPEG-DASH/HLS) HTML5 Player.

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Subscribe Norberts Ositis Head of Solutions for Media

We would love to hear from you!