Automated Batch Transcoding of a Large VOD Library

Every video on demand service has a regularly renewed library of movies and shows, containing thousands of titles. Typically, there are many suppliers of the content, providing it in many different formats. To make all the content uniform, it has to be adjusted to a common standard, transcoded and prepared for delivery.

Tet Media Services has all the necessary tools to set up a fully automated process for media file transcoding.

  • Ingest media asset files by FTP upload or via script calling our API to initiate the retrieval from your sources;

  • Normalize media asset when all video, audio and subtitle files are ingested;

  • Transcode media asset by including all audio tracks, adding subtitles and producing multiple bitrates for adaptive streaming;

  • Upload transcoded files to external servers for usage in external platforms or closed systems like IPTV (you can stream them immediately after transcoding from our platform);

  • Delete unnecessary files to free the storage.

Configure and control the whole process from our web management portal. Receive process status updates via e-mail or as an automated callback into your systems. Our system is very scalable and can process many media assets simultaneously.

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