Handling live video of a large scale can be challenging nowadays. Live event producers and OTT professionals should consider an increasing number of tech-related nuances to provide a smooth watching experience to their audiences. We offer a professional streaming solution that helps perform simple setup, monitoring and post-event processing for both basic and complex content delivery needs, in a self-service or managed service mode.

Streaming process of Tet Media Services is characterised by:

  • Global high performance Tet CDN used for content distribution;

  • High capacity origin servers

  • On the fly packaging into MPEG DASH, Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, Microsoft Smooth Streaming

  • Robust content protection - tokens, encryption, SSL, geo IP




  • Immediately available
  • Multi-bitrate


  • Facebook
  • YouTube

Live Transcoding

  • Multi-bitrate
  • Multi-audio


Live channel content is ingested over IP network from the customer’s playout into Tet servers. Supported protocols are RTMP, UDP uni-/multi-cast, SRT (Secure Reliable Transfer), HLS (Apple HTTP Live Streaming). Multiple bitrate stream and multiple audio language ingest is supported.
More advanced upload is possible with Tet Media Services API where all uploading options are available. Content is pulled from the customer source servers over FTP or HTTP and all supported options and automation can be applied.
Tet Media Services live transcoder takes the ingested live channel as input and transcodes it into the required number of profiles. AVC (h.264) protocol is used for most customers and HEVC (h.265) is supported. Resolutions up to 4K (2:1 4096x2048 or 16:9 3840x1920) are supported at framerates up to 60 fps.
Tet Media Services recorder component reads the live channel and adds the recordings to the library. Any combination of the streams in the channel can be recorded, e.g. lowest bitrate for compliance recording or full adaptive bitrate channel for TV catch-up service. Recording the adaptive channel allows one to publish the recording immediately without transcoding it.
Tet Media Services on-the-fly packager creates Apple HLS and MPEG-DASH streams from live and VoD sources. Both formats are supported simultaneously. If DRM is enabled for the channel or VoD asset, it is applied during packaging. The packager supports timeshift functionality.
Packager works as an origin for CDN. Capacity of the origin is designed to support increased demand during the peak hours with most of the popular traffic cached in the CDN. As the amount of the content in the system is constantly increasing, to maintain the packaging/origin capacity we scale up by adding new servers.
Widevine and Playready are supported natively by Tet Media Services. Apple Fairplay support is possible but due to Apple policy the holder of the content rights has to acquire the necessary encryption means. DRM encryption is applied during packaging.
DRM functionality usually needs to be integrated with the subscriber authentication system. Such integration is not part of this proposal as it needs much more detailed specification to estimate the costs, but it is possible to create such and Tet Media Services API is ready for generic integration.
Default analytics in the Tet Media Services is based on CDN logs, which represent the usage of the service. Such analytics is available through the Tet Media Services web interface.
Google Analytics is integrated into the embed code player and registers player video events. It may be necessary to purchase advanced GA services from Google in the case of large volume usage. We also provide NPAW Youbora Analytics as an additional paid feature for professional customers. Gemius analytics integration is available for those having their own account.
Embeddable iframe is provided for all content. It is configurable and customisable to adjust to different needs. The industry leading HTML5 player by THEOplayer is used in the embed code and is compatible with most systems – computers, mobile devices, smart TVs, set-top-boxes and others.

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