Media Transcoding

Process Automation and Powerful API for Video Related Workflows

Typically, a multi-screen OTT video service consists of many different services from several vendors. Managers of the service love to have one dashboard for all of them rather that logging into several different services to perform parts of the same workflow. We address this issue by providing the RESTful API to Telia Solutions for Media for integration with 3rd party systems.

Integrate your content management system over API into Video Cloud to automate VOD content ingesting, transcoding, setting of properties, retrieving content URLs or embeddable player codes for publishing in your subscriber systems.

Ingest media files

There are several ways to ingest the files. Simple FTP upload is supported with certain logic available based on file naming and processing methods defined separately for any number of asset categories. For more granular control, API based ingest can be used with content being pulled from external sources such as FTP, HTTP and S3.

During the ingest, all files of a single media asset are grouped together. Multiple audio and subtitle languages are supported, as well as audio files split by individual mono channels. During the ingest process advanced options are set, which define both the process that should be applied and the visual representation of the asset.


Two stage advanced transcoding process validates the ingested files on the first step and transcodes them into an adaptive bitrate media asset. Many advanced options are available with AVC and HEVC codecs supported.


After transcoding the media asset becomes immediately playable. The player code can be embedded into the website or media URL for any other player used. Upload to external storage is provided as an option for your internal platforms.

All playback and security options can be set during the ingest process, or adjusted individually via API call or manual edit.

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