Global multi-CDN service with superior performance

Our enterprise-grade content delivery network comprising of our innovative CDN selector powered by DLVR technology, and local and global CDNs, brings speed, scale, and security to your media streaming service. We guarantee the best experience for content users by instantly playing videos to an audience of any size. Internet video is great for your audience. But when every viewer has their own stream – on an ever-expanding range of formats and devices – delivering a great experience can be a challenge. Content Delivery Networks offer the answer - but they also raise a lot of questions. Which works best in which situation? Which is the best for each viewer, in each location, at any given point in time?

By combining the capabilities of multiple CDNs – with the multi-CDN selector to dynamically choose the right CDN for each video stream – you can optimize each end user's experience in real-time.

Combining multiple CDNs also means you can handle unexpected traffc peaks. After all, the last thing you want is for the experience to get worse when your viewership gets better.

We will help you to solve the complex tasks to implement

Content delivery
Large capacity content delivery
Media streaming
Video and audio streaming
Media protection
Protection from volumetric DDoS attacks
Sever overload protection
Protection from traffic surges
Protection from origin cloaking
Protection and cloaking of origin servers
Anycast DNS
Anycast DNS

Tet content delivery network

Network Capacity
Multi-CDN geographic scope

Multi-CDN without added costs

In order to measure quality and control CDN selection, our Selector service delivers certain elements of the streams that would normally be delivered by the CDNs themselves (customized manifests and heartbeat segments). As you would normally pay the CDNs for this traffc, adding our Selector will simply transfer this cost to us rather than add any new cost.

Optimize every viewing experience

To capture and engage more viewers, you need to deliver a broadcast-quality video experience. Because, not matter how good your content, now that people are used to high-quality video, they won't settle for anything less. But high quality doesn't have to come with a high price tag. multi-CDN optimizes multiple Content Delivery Networks – fixing broken streams and adapting to your viewers' location and CDN performance – to deliver a better video experience. And it does it without needing expensive and time-consuming integrations. Automatically optimizes each video stream. Better end user experience for your viewers. No expensive integrations required

Flexible deployment options

Whether you are looking to harness the power of CDN for the first time - or want to super-charge your established CDN setup – we offer flexible deployments to match your needs. Get more out of your existing CDN setup by using the CDN+ selector to optimize performance and cost-effectiveness

Included in all options

Multi CDN
Multi-CDN Rules Config
DDoS level 3 and 4 Protection
Instant content purge & push
Logging & Analytics
Optimized Stream Caching
Nordic Support (24x7x365)
SSL/TLS Delivery
3 hours CDN Training

Why you should choose our multi-CDN

No coding - no player integration
Real time performance optimization - dynamic in-streams switching
Server-side CDN selector - proactive multi-CDN switching
Always get the best prices available - no extra cost for selector

Flexible deployment options

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