Stream your events

Stream your lectures, conferences, trainings, product launches, internal and corporate events

If you are the university looking for a live streaming solution for online learning or a company, who wants to deliver relevant information to your employees or clients which you can't meet face-to-face, stream your lectures, conferences, trainings, product launches, internal and corporate events to any size audience locally or globally with our simple-to-use, yet powerful tools and extra transparent pricing 1 EUR per viewer*


How it works?

Set up your camera or hire filming crew and Tet team will do the rest:



*Offer includes:

- embeddable code with a player for event stream and its recording after the event
- adaptive quality viewer session of a single event up to 16 hours streamed globally
- content protection against re-streaming, re-embedding, unauthorized viewing, and enforcing geoblocking 
- recording of the event available for playback after the event
- recording will be kept for 1 month (you can prolong for additional price)

Our Partners for Events Filming

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  • video signals to screens during concerts and other events
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In need of something more advanced? We have an extensive range of tools, such as:

Widevine and Playready are supported natively by Tet Media Services. Apple Fairplay support is possible but due to Apple policy the holder of the content rights has to acquire the necessary encryption means. DRM encryption is applied during packaging.DRM functionality usually needs to be integrated with the subscriber authentication system. Such integration is not part of this proposal as it needs much more detailed specification to estimate the costs, but it is possible to create such and Tet Media Services API is ready for generic integration.
Live channel content is ingested over IP network from the customer’s playout into Tet servers. Supported protocols are RTMP, UDP uni-/multi-cast, SRT (Secure Reliable Transfer), HLS (Apple HTTP Live Streaming). Multiple bitrate stream and multiple audio language ingest is supported.More advanced upload is possible with Tet Media Services API where all uploading options are available. Content is pulled from the customer source servers over FTP or HTTP and all supported options and automation can be applied.

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