OTT by Tet

Seamless streaming solution for Pay TV Operators, Broadcasters and content owners

Engage subscribers anytime, and anywhere, across a wide array of popular platforms.

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Functionality to impress

In today's highly competitive streaming landscape, offering subscribers the right functionality is crucial. With OTT by Tet platform, you can tap into our extensive knowledge and enjoy features that are on par with the world's leading streaming services. Greatest features you get:

Skip intro
Viewers can bypass the opening introduction and jump straight to the main content
Continue watching
Pick up where you left even when switching platforms
Browse through the upcoming shows and programs, view brief descriptions
Dont miss the content you love, watch when you want
Content selection
Increase subscriber engagement with the unique point feature. Users have a unique opportunity to assemble their own content and watch exactly what they choose!

Tailor the platform to your specific requirements

D2C business model aligned with your strategy
Cost-effective service structure
Customized UI to match your brand's identity

It's built to scale!

Microservices architechture

Microservices-based OTT platform that offers unmatched flexibility and scalability. Easily tailor and scale your OTT solution to meet your business and audience needs..

Easy API integrations

Robust API capabilities allow you to connect and integrate with third-party systems, services, and tools effortlessly.


Our OTT solution is built with a focus on consistency to ensure uninterrupted functionality and seamless operations.

See for yourself!

Tet TV + platform, launched in 2021, have proven its success.


With built-in monetization tools you can select the most effective mechanism based on your business strategy and goals.
Coupons & Promotions
Call to action with special offers and initiatives
Sell the content your subscribers choose
Give free access and generate revenue from advertisements
Drive revenue from subscription payments

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Mikus Narvils
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