Professional playout for satellites, telcos and ott

Linear TV channels are distributed over many different technologies, like digital terrestrial television, satellite television, different types of cable TV technologies, IPTV and over-the-top internet TV services.

Tet Media Services provide all tools to launch a linear TV channel feed, distribute it to any distribution network accessible over a data connection, or stream to internet viewers over the CDN.

A typical step-by-step process to launch a new TV channel and distribute it to subscribers on different platforms would include the following steps.

  • Start by getting the content into the cloud playout service. Connect your video content storage and send your live studio stream into the playout. There are several ways how to do that in different scenarios. Our experts will advice you which one is the best for you.

  • Schedule the content into a linear feed with all graphics, media assets and live sources.

  • Send the linear output over the network to distribution centers. Use Zixi to send the linear stream to remote destinations like satellite teleports, ISPs/telcos or configure the stream for ingest into our Video Cloud for OTT distribution.

  • Get the stream in the Video Cloud and transcode it for adaptive streaming over the internet.

  • Record and store the stream in the library for compliance. You can store only the lowest quality to save on storage cost. Setup automated retention so that only needed storage time is maintained, e.g. 3 months.

  • Configure the player for your TV channel web page, by setting the visual appearance and content restrictions like geoblocking and embedding lockand. Publish the player on your web page.

  • Alternatively use the streams directly in your mobile, smart-TV or set-top-box applications.

You can launch a TV channel in a matter of days or even hours this way.



  • 24/7 Long term

    • Launch new, or migrate existing traditional 24/7 linear channels
    • Localise linear channels and monetise content globally without investment risks
    • Benefit from competitive rates for long-term cloud resources and continuous technology refreshes from public cloud providers and from Veset
    • Enjoy built-in redundancy for playout and storage
  • Pop-up channel

    • Launch professional ad hoc temporary channels with fast deployment using IP only workflows
    • Engage audiences with event-driven content
    • Combine live and non-live content to build compelling channel offers
    • Benefit from pay-per-use SaaS models
    • Zero client-side investment required
    • Global access and mobility
  • Disaster recovery

    • Use cloud playout as back up for your main hardware-based playout
    • Use secure and redundant public cloud datacentres to host DR instances
    • Benefit from pay-per-use SaaS model, with no client-side hardware
    • Short-term backup instances can easily be converted into long-term solutions in the event of a major main site outage
    • Global access and mobility

Functionality and formats

Ingest sources 
FTP, SFTP, AWS S3, Tet Object Storage
Video codecs
MPEG1/2/4, XDCAM HD422, XDCAM IMX/D-10, AVID DNxHD, DVCPROHD, ProRes 422/4444, V210, HD YUV BT709/SD BT601, AVCIntra 50/100, AVCHD
Video containers
Subtitle formats
Quality Check
Video/audio duration comparison, audio loudness, video container check, subtitle encoding

Public cloud storage
FTP, SFTP, AWS S3, Tet Object Storage
Private cloud storage
OpenStack Swift
Asset types
Video, audio, subtitle files, broadcast graphics
Asset management
Search/filter by metadata, low-res proxy preview, tagging, metadata

Primary events
Assets from MAM, Live events
Secondary events
Broadcast overlay graphics
Video output
SD, HD, 4K up to 60fps. PAL, NTSC, ATSC, MPEG TS udp, HLS, MPEG DASH, RTMP
Audio output
Stereo (up to 8 pairs)
Subtitles output
Pre-rendered DVB (up to 32 tracks)
Teletext DVB (up to 10 tracks)
Live input options
UDP (ZiXi, Akamai, Haivision)
HD-SDI/ASI (in edge architecture)
Signaling options
SCTE-35, DTMF Loudness normalisation
EBU-R128, ATSC A/85, OP-59, TR-B32

Cloud playout (1+1, N+1)

Edge playout (1+1, N+1), optional HD/ASI output

Hybrid cloud + edge

Static and animated objects (channel bugs, announcements)
PNG, BMP, TGA (sequences supported), AVI with alpha
Dynamic objects (generated from playlist secondary event data)
Running lines, clocks, buzzfeed text, reference substitutions

Import XML, XLSX, CSV file formats
Edit, add assets from MAM and live events, automatically fix gaps and overlaps
Analyse missing assets, deviations, gaps and overlaps, failed QC files

Built-in video (black, frozen) and audio (silent) analyser
IP multiviewer (MCR view)
Configurable email notifications
24/7 Veset phone and online support

TLS web portal and REST API encryption
Multi-factor authentication support (GAuth)
User account roles and permissions
Cloud infrastructure protected by AWS VPC
MAM files stored with AWS S3 encryption
MAM uses time restricted URLs for each request

All module intra communication through REST API
Swagger support for easy straight forward integration

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