In meeting the increasingly high requirements of today’s public, our VoD streaming solution provides a wide range of video storing and transcoding features and functionality, so that each device plays the unique content requested in the best possible quality based on internet speed and device capability.

Tet Media Services platform comprises its own petabyte-scale 100% S3 API compatible Object Storage to store customers’ source and transcoded video files. A proprietary, extremely flexible and customisable media transcoding system transcodes provided source assets to several bitrates and supports various formats of sub-titles and language tracks. The content is made available to the customer’s audience via global Tet CDN, using the industry-leading, HTML5 player by THEOPlayer.

Custom solutions are widely accepted, respecting the customer’s choice of player, placement of origin, security requirements etc.



Embeddable iframe is provided for all content. It is configurable and customisable to adjust to different needs. HTML5 player is used in the embed code and is compatible with most systems - computers, mobile devices, smart TVs, set-top-boxes and others.

Easy set-up on the cloud


VoD content can be ingested in several different ways. The simplest way is to use your browser to upload the video files directly into the platform in the Media section, this allows for certain automation, for instance, grouping of video, audio, subtitle and metadata files into a single compound video asset, categorizing assets and automatic transcoding. A similar result can be obtained using FTP upload, SIGNIANT ingest protocol or Tet S3 bucket (push-based ingest). More advanced upload is possible with Tet Media Services API where all uploading options are available. Content is pulled from the customer source servers over FTP or HTTP and all supported options and automation can be applied.

Media assets ingested into Tet Media Services may be played back directly if they are in mp4 or mov formats. Tet Media Services media transcoder service transcodes them into adaptive bitrate media assets. The number of transcoding profiles is not limited. The default protocol is AVC, but advanced encoding parameters are available like the HEVC protocol, HDR colour etc.
The media transcoder supports the following video, audio, subtitle and metadata file types in input - mp4, mpg, m4v, mxf, avi, ts, m2v, mkv, vob, webm, mov, ac3, wav, mp3, acc, ogg, ifo, bup, stl, vtt, ttml, srt, xml. Any other file types may be added on request.
During a transcoding process the video track, multiple audio and subtitle tracks are mixed into a single media asset and transcoded into a configured number of profiles based on the transcoding preset defined by the customer.

Widevine and Playready are supported natively by Tet Media Services. Apple Fairplay support is possible but due to Apple policy the holder of the content rights has to acquire the necessary encryption means. DRM encryption is applied during packaging. DRM functionality usually needs to be integrated with a subscriber authentication system. Such integration is not part of this proposal as it needs much more detailed specification to estimate the costs, but it is possible to create such and Tet Media Services API is ready for generic integration.

The main component of Tet Media Services is the web-based self-service content and media asset management system. CMS/MAM manages all other system components and supervises the processes.

Tet Media Services REST API reflects functions and processes implemented in the whole system. API calls can be made to list, update and delete data, initiate processes and other tasks. API is documented and available to the customer.

Default analytics in the Tet Media Services is based on CDN logs, which represent the usage of the service. Such analytics is available through the Tet Media Services web interface. Google Analytics is integrated into the embed code player and registers player video events. It may be necessary to purchase advanced GA services from Google in the case of large volume usage. We also provide NPAW Youbora Analytics as an additional paid feature for professional customers. Gemius analytics integration is available for those having their own account.

Embeddable iframe is provided for all content. It is configurable and customisable to adjust to different needs. The industry-leading HTML5 player by THEOplayer is used in the embed code and is compatible with most systems – computers, mobile devices, smart TVs, set-top-boxes and others.


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